Richland Bombers
Future Class of '66
Marcus Whitman Grade School
Third Grade ~ Mrs. Bowman

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Picture provided by Jake Tate.

Future class of '66

BACK ROW: Mrs. Bowman.

THIRD ROW: 1.MarilynHuckleberry, 2.BillFleming, 3.KeithGosney, 4.JohnnyWhitman, 5.DianneIsakson, 6.RaymondHale, 7.DianneTerry, 8.EllenBohringer, 9.KarenTaylor.

SECOND ROW: 1.JakeTate, 2.KathyMiller, 3.LarryBetsch, 4.AnnetteMay, 5.GaryWilburn, 6.JimmyFritz, 7.HaroldDavis, 8.RonGriswold, 9.NancyMontgomery.

FRONT ROW: 1.DianneRussell, 2.BobejoSanford, 3.GlendaChips, 4.AllenLowe, 5.PhilDavis, 6.JimCouch, 7.CathyGeier, 8.LynnDodson, 9.DonnieDean, 10.PeggyCox.

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