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Gene Adair, Kathy Anderson McDowell

Claudette Benedictson (Honorary), Susan Bixler Pachniack, Mark Black (Honorary), Roger Bolton, Bonnie "Kathleen" Brown (Honorary), Russ Brown, William "Lee" Brown III (Honorary)

David Cates, Ron Cates, Kurt Crownover, Jim Couch

Larry Daniel, Phil Davis, Robert "Bob" Dean (Honorary), Carolyn Ann "Carol" Dean Chavez, Cheryl Deery Mitchell (Honorary), Robin DeJong, Sherry Dyken Hardee

Linda Ewing Daugherty

Bob Flores (Honorary), Tom Foote (Honorary), Dicky Ford, Nancy Foster Bechard, Frank Fowler, Tim Franklin (Honorary), Rudy Franz, John Fuller

Peter Gaskell, Kathy Gire Hurt, Linda Granquist Lamb, Ron Griswold

Pam Hall, Herschel Halstead, Arlene Harden Lilly, Gayle Harrison Saran, Jeanne Horton Clement

Don Jones

Jody Alice Kendrick LeMaster

Sandi Lasater Sleater, Guy Lobdell, Jerry Lorenzen, Bill Louis, Kerry Love

Peggy Maasen Murray, Buck Mabbutt, Tim McDermott (Honorary), Mike McDonald, Bruce McMann, Fred Milton, Charlene Moore, Pat Murphy

Dorthy Nelson Canoy, Al Nihart (Honorary)

Chris Oman, Neale Osterman (Honorary)

Monty Parker, Cheryl Pollard Simons, Cathie Pope Chappell (Honorary), Bill Porter

Charlotte Rahmig Blair, Janet Ramerman, Leta Ramerman, Butch Rauch, Billie "Sue" Ray Woodard, Evelyn Rendon,
George Rokkan, Dick Rolph, Joanne Ruppert Crook (Honorary)

Brenda Schnaible Stone, Mary Kay Schneider Wahlgren (Honorary), Marcia Setbacken, Cole Shoaf, David Sonderland, Joe Stankiewicz, Jerry Steen, Jack Stromquist, Linda Stump Verhulp, Lloyd Swain

Ken Tomlinson, Linda Traeger McColloch

Doug Votendahl (Honorary)

Ginger Wagner Anderson (Honorary), Ron Weissenfels, Sandra Whitehead Nash (Honorary), Rose Wildenborg Peters

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